Don’t Forget Fukushima and This Bag

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Don’t Forget Fukushima and This Bag

Don’t Forget Fukushima and This Bag


Fukushima, Japan had been in the headlines three years ago, but today it seems like people have already forgot what happen there on 11th of March 2011. If we forget about Fukushima then we are just letting it happen again.


On that date, one of the most powerful earthquakes struck the north-east area of Japan. Then the tsunami came and killed almost 20,000 people. It caused the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. A lot of people were relocated in order to avoid the radiation from the nuclear plant. Cleaning up the nuclear site will cost billions of dollars and will probably take around five decades.


The Don’t Forget Fukushima Bag serves as a reminder of the dangerous modern disaster. Fukushima has become the symbol of what happens when we mishandle the environment. And still, the nuclear industry has been downplaying the accident as an isolated case. They don’t want people to know that the reactors are still not under control and that they have learned their lessons.


Don’t forget Fukushima and how the events were caused by the careless regulation of the nuclear industry in Japan as well as the negligent management of Tokyo Electric Power Co., the plant’s owner. The same flaws are also observed in nuclear utilities in other parts of the world.


The Don’t Forget Fukushima Bag should remind people that the meltdown of the nuclear plant was due to the unpreparedness of the plant for events that were out of the range of probability. The station blackout was caused by the flooding and the absence of electrical power has rendered the safety valves and emergency cooling systems useless. The operators of the plant didn’t know what was occurring at the reactor containment vessels. During the station blackout, cooling stopped, and the reactor core started to melt down.


The lesson of Fukushima is not just for Japan but also for the other countries that operate nuclear power reactors. It is also for the others who are thinking of building reactors in the future. In Japan, their planners failed to consider the possibility of two natural disasters to happen at the same time. It shows that nature is still more powerful than humans. Fukushima should serve as a warning of what can go wrong if we don’t take care of the environment. 


It seems like people have already forgotten Fukushima and the horrors of nuclear energy. Interest in nuclear power has been on the rise. It should be properly managed in order to be a green source of energy. It doesn’t pollute the environment. But the question is can nuclear power be managed if the events of Fukushima are ignored? Nuclear power should be regulated properly or else another nuclear disaster is just waiting around the corner.


Let us remind others of Fukushima and the people who were affected by the meltdown. One way to do so is with the Don’t Forget Fukushima Bag. It is a high quality bag that’s made of 100 percent cotton and fair trade. Each print is unique because of the structure of the material.



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